The European Pupils Association (EUPAS) gives European pupils a voice in the European Union and improves cooperation and communication between several national pupil organisations. By exchanging information and initiating discussions about educational issues we develop solutions for those same. Moreover, we want to enthuse pupils for democracy and participation in the meaning of political education and take part in charitable projects which help the socioeconomically deprived.

The European Pupils Association (EUPAS) is the independent European network and representation of national pupil organisations.

We take a stand for a Europe based on quality education for ensuring a promising future for the next generations!

For this intent EUPAS will:

  • promote cooperation and communication between national pupil organisations, institutions and other educational associations throughout the EU and Europe for profiting from information and good experience
  • initiate exchange and discussions about common educational issues as well as develop solutions for those same to increase the quality of school as much as possible
  • support political education to give pupils an idea of democracy and participation and to enthuse them for European values and the advantages of the European Union
  • assist its member organisations with experience, contacts and information as well as encourage the founding of new pupil organisations
  • contribute to the development of democratic school systems which include participation of pupils and consideration of their needs
  • act for the strengthening of trans-European solidarity and understanding between the national youths
  • campaign for a better comparability of graduations while maintaining educational federalism according to subsidiarity
  • promote lifelong learning for every citizen
  • take part in charitable projects which help the socioeconomically deprived