European Pupils Congress 2015

Our first European Pupils Congress took place in the beautiful city of Berlin. More than 100 delegates from 15 countries came together to discuss on European educational politics. Besides several programmatic points we agreed that there must be certain educational standards introduced on the European level to make graduations fairer and degrees more comparable.

Aside from educational standards there were many other topics on the agen da that the participants were able to exchange opinions about and by that add the views of several different countries to the discussion. For instance the legal establishment of a governmental pupils council in every member state as well as the dual vocational education were discussed about. Additionally to the workshops the delegates had the opportunity to take part at a plenary discussion with guests from the European youth and educational politics as well as the economical sector - at this the necessity of said standards became more than obvious.

This Congress is an additional milestone of our work and shows that we fill a gap in the representation of Europe's pupils. We are sure the participants werde amazed by the weekend and got inspired by the European spirit. The obvious result of the weekend is that we need European educational standards as soon as possible to make degrees more comparable!

With EUPAS we have initiated a network it was time for to be founded. Here we can fulfill our European responsibility and exchange opinions on education with pupils and learn from each other europe-wide.

Thank you to Thomas, our GenSec, Steffi, Philipp, Robert Grünberger and Christoph Mann for the great organisational work and to Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation for making this possible!