2nd General Assembly (30/07-02/08 2015)

From the 30th of July until the 2nd of August EUPAS held their second general assembly in Vienna, Austria. At the general assembly Stefanie Torres (Austria, 21) was elected as the new Chairman, together with her board, consisting of six Vice-Chairmen and a General Secretary. Eleven countries where present at the general assembly. After a lot of debates all the members also adopted the new political statement of EUPAS, which focuses on European education standards, political education and pupil representation.

This general assembly was our fourth event since our foundation, one and a half year ago. In the meantime EUPAS kept on growing and more and more pupil organisations want to join EUPAS. Besides focusing on growth, the new board will also launch new international events, for example a European Campaign.
Seventy participants were present at the general assembly from a wide range of countries, including: Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Moldova, Armenia, Luxembourg, Spain and Austria.  The week began with a short word of welcome by Pascal Scheller, who resigned as Chairman this general assembly. Thereafter the countries first present at a EUPAS general assembly held a presentation about their organisation and education system. After these presentations the first real debates started, namely about the new political statement. Compromises were made and eventually all the countries came to a statement they all agree with. After the debates the official program for the day was finished, but the discussions kept on going during dinner and drinks.

The second day was a rather informative day. After small discussions about digitalization it was time for the first presentation by Christine Sälzer, PhD, from PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). The PISA is a worldwide study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) of 15-year-old school pupils’ scholastic performance on mathematics, science, and reading. It is done with a view to improving education policies and outcomes. The presentation led to an interesting discussion about the importance and relevance of the PISA assessment. Afterwards a visit to the Austrian parliament followed where the delegates got a taste of the Austrian history. Thereafter a very interesting campaigning workshop from Campaigning Burau followed whereupon all the delegated brainstormed in groups about a European campaign for EUPAS. After dinner we had the opportunity to meet the members from Schülerunion Vienna who just elected their new Chairman.

Saturday the 1st of August was all about the official General Assembly of EUPAS. After portraits where photographed the delegates moved to the General Assembly, where there were also a lot of members of Schülerunion Austria present. After the elections for the voting committee and financial controllers Spain and The Netherlands held a presentation about their organisation and why they want to become an associate member respectively a full member. Both Spain and the Netherlands were both unanimously voted in favour. Then the elections for the new board followed and the following persons got elected: Stefanie Torres (Austria) as Chairman and the Vice-Chairmen Christina Balaska (Greece), Francesco Sismondini (Italy), Philipp Dette (Germany), Amadea Horvath (Austria), Loran Hempenius (The Netherlands) and Demetris Herakleous (Croatia). Andrej Josic from The Netherlands got appointed as General Secretary.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday the delegates spent their days with workshops and sightseeing in Vienna. For the new board members the days were filled with teambuilding, creating a vision for EUPAS, deciding which board members will take care of which tasks, and making a planning for the oncoming year.


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.890110394358836.1073741833.653135251389686&type=3