Annual Meeting 2016 in Bruxelles

  • EUPAS becomes the most representative pupils association in Europe, after reaching a half of million pupils in their member organisations
  • European educational standards at stake in the EUPAS agenda por 2016-2017

Eleven associations from different European countries attended as guests, observer and full members. The objective of this meeting was to hold the General Assembly where many issues attaining the future of EUPAS where to be discussed as well as getting to know the European institutions better and to share the associations concerns with their representatives.

The delegates visited the permanent delegation of Austria in Brussels, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Wilfred Martens Centre. In these, they held productive meetings first with MEP Othman Karas with whom they shared views on many institutional problems that the EU is facing. Once in the commission the delegation had the opportunity to meet the commissioner of Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn and discuss about the refugee crisis and Brexit. Right after that, the delegation went to the headquarters of EPP to have a meeting with Deputy Secretary Christian Kremer who answered the questions of our delegates on the future of EPP and shared concerns on the rise of nationalisms on the North and South of Europe. Finally, the delegates met with the NGOs “Konrad Adenauer Foundation”, “Avsi” and with the International Republican Institute to debate the upcoming American elections.

The last day, all the organisations that conform EUPAS met on the Representation of the Region of Salzburg in the EU to hold the General Assembly, In this Assembly a new board was voted as well as some statuary changes and resolutions and statements. Adrian Plesca, from Moldova, was elected Chairman; Amadea Horvath, from Austria was designed Secretary General; and Carlo Angrisano, from Spain was elected Prime Vice Chairman. Some of these resolutions and statements will be passed on to European authorities on the next months, others are to be improved and extended by working groups. Furthermore, the Armenian Pupils Association and ACTA (from Bosnia-Herzegovina) where accepted as observer members. Those that had gained that position on the last annual meeting in Vienna (Estudiantes por Europa, from Spain, Orasul Meu from Moldova, and CSJ from Luxemburg) became full members. Since being elected the new board is working on developing better educational standards for European countries.