Membership in the European Pupils Association

We would be happy if our work finds your approval and you consider your association sharing our goals and values. Your pupils association or branch of an organisation covering pupils and educational politics is not member of EUPAS yet? Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can initiate cooperation together and give European pupils an even stronger voice!

Schülerunion Österreich (Austria)

The Schülerunion is working Austrian wide and on a non- profit and volunteer basis. With 30.000 members it is the strongest pupils representative organisation, with the aim of reaching the ideal school system. Schülerunion is actively taking part in education politics through claiming e.g. politics as an extra curricula topic and talent promotion in schools.

Schüler Union Deutschlands (Germany)

The Pupils Union Germany (Schüler Union Deutschlands “SU”) is the largest Pupils Organisation in Germany. The Pupils Union gives pupils in Germany a strong voice and enforces their interests in different political committees. From a former protest organisation against the Left movement Pupils Union developed to a Christian social, liberal and conservative Pupils Representation.

StudiCentro (Italy)

StudiCentro is one of the most representative association in Italy with over 6000 members. In 2013 StudiCentro begins its accreditation with the ministry of education to be recognised as being among the "most representative student associations in Italy". For the future StudiCentro wishes to strenghten its engagement in international politics, bringing the voice the Italian students in the important european decision-making tables.

Mathitiki Kinisi (Cyprus)

The Pupils Movement of NEDISY (Mathitiki Kinisi - MAKI) operates within the organizational structure of the Youth of the Democratic Rally (NEDISY) yet works autonomously, with a single interest in mind - that of the pupils of Cyprus. The Pupils Movement’s members are pupils. MAKI’s aims are to upgrade the quality of education in Cyprus. MAKI views the pupils as equal members of society and not as "juniors" that should only be interested in their lessons.

Croation Pupils Union (Croatia)

Croation Pupils Union is a national youth organization named in Croatia Udruga srednjoškolaca, with the aim of creating NSCRH as an independent body. So that it can better represent high school pupils. The idea of the CPU is that pupils are given the required information considering their rights and education. The members are pupils and pupil council members.

Estudiantes por Europa (Spain)

Estudiantes por Europa (ExE) is an independent-liberal Spanish students association, which aims to perpetuate the European democratic spirit, whilst at the same time maintaining our core values of democracy, tolerance and equality. Our organization strives to reform the archaic Spanish education system by modernizing it through engaged political debates. Specifically, by incorporating the ideas of students as well as international organizations and business in order for future generations of Spanish students to be able to compete equitably in an ever more globalized world.

Youth Forces Union of VMRO-DPMNE / fYR Macedonia

 Observer Member

Youth Forces Union represents young men and women that are well educated or ambitious to become so, progressive in thinking in regards to market economy and societal affairs, willing to volunteer and expend their area of knowledge, humane and religious, good willing and supportive, pro-membership in the European Union and actively contribute in improving education and job creation. Regarding the idea of Europe, the mother party and the Youth Forces Union share and support the idea of future United Europe in a form that would be most acceptable to the people of Europe.


Orasul Meu (Moldova)

Being awarded as the most active NGO in Moldova (2015,2016) serves as a factory of projects for Chisinau, Moldova. In some years since foundation, Orasul Meu has managed to paint more than 5000 sq.m. of surfaces in their city, to inniate night public transport through petitioning and lobby and others. Having around 100 members (15-21 y.o), they are representing youth's interest on local level. 




CSJ Schüler a Studenten / Luxembourg

The Luxembourgish student and pupil branch of the Christian-social youth party ("CSJ Schüler a Studenten") is part of the largest youth party in Luxembourg. It was established in 1995 and represents the interests of students and pupils within and outside the party and thus gives them a strong voice. Our main focus are educational issues with the goal of influencing the policy making process and encouraging young people in Luxembourg to get their voices heard.